Robert Kiyosaki: THEY CAN’T HIDE IT ANYMORE – Do Gold And Bitcoin Destroy The Silver

Robert Kiyosaki is a motivational speaker and financial advisor who talks about market crashes, passive income, online earnings, and his game cash flow is well known. In this motivational and finance video, Kiyosaki talks that the treasury steals your wealth. So a treasury bill is a thief. The reason I like gold, silver, and Bitcoin is that they’re outside the federal system. The US dollar will be long gone before gold and silver, it will be long gone before gold and silver are gone. And Bitcoin is people’s money, again, it’s outside the central bank system.

00:24 – The reason I like gold, silver, and Bitcoin is that they’re outside the federal system
01:07 – I’ve also taken a silver mine public through an IPO on Toronto Stock Exchange
01:48 – So I’m a student of economics and all that central bank is the same as communism because a centrally controlled economy is communism
02:03 – Now silver is still 50% below its all-time high
02:49 – Paper money is fake money. So I love gold and silver and Bitcoin because they operate outside
03:01 – I only hold physical silver and I don’t like the stock market
04:25 – I started collecting silver coins back in 1964.
05:00 – Silver is more volatile than gold
06:44 – A precious metal which can be used as money
07:21 – There is less silver than gold, less silver than Bitcoin
08:05 – The only reason I buy gold and silver is because the feds are printing trillions

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