This week we will talk about learning about bitcoin for beginners.

What we will be going over on this stream…

Why is it so hard to explain? (Internet/Bitcoin)
What is Bitcoin?
What is Fiat? (United States Dollar)
What is a store of value
Fiat vs Bitcoin
Problems with Bitcoin and crypto
Why do we need Bitcoin?
Bitcoin vs Gold
Possible Futures with Bitcoin…
Bitcoin and Crime… (first technologies always have crime, phones, cars, mail etc…)
How do get started in Bitcoin…
How to get money from my bank account into Cryptocurrency…
What Cryptocurrency Should I buy? (BTC vs BCH vs BSV)
How do I keep my cryptocurrency safe? (Is my crypto insured?)
Where can I learn about Cryptocurrency?

This channel was created for new people in the financial space. If you have any questions you can always ask in the comments below or come on my
live stream every Sunday at 11am MT USA
or DM me on Twitter at @Skystruckcrypto I am here to help everybody understand this space, avoid all the scams and help us all achieve our financial goals.

I believe decentralization is the future and putting the power back into the hands of the people isn’t just a dream it’s an actual reality that is now possible thanks to bitcoin!
Nothing I EVER say should be considered advice. This channel is made for entertainment purposes ONLY. I don’t want anybody losing money so please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! only invest in what you don’t care to lose and have fun! I am just some guy on youtube, be careful with your future.

Also, I make money off these referral links, but ALL money earned goes to charity so if you use any of my referrals know you are helping others 🙂 Thanks so much everybody, you are the ONLY reason this channel is successful in any way.
Follow me if you love Crypto and would like news and updates on the Cryptocurrency Industry. I have been in the industry since 2016 and Daily since 2017. I love this industry and I am excited to be at the beginning of this freedom revolution!
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