Two under valued Alt Coins & Cryptocurrency Q&A Passive Income Money investing dividend stocks

In this video we go over my 2 under rated alt coins that have a huge potential.

We also go over some Q&A
Vaccine solution and potential.
What will happen in the next Bitcoin Bull Run.
When will be the bitcoin bull run.
What will Vechain’s price be. When will Vechain get to $1.
Why passive income.
Real Estate investing
Diversifying your incoming
General Electric and retirement plan
Air BNB talk
Does Vechain being or serving China hurt them?
My Donation addresses for BTC ETH
Pharma production
Bayer and vechain
Healthcare for Vechain
My thoughts or Cardano
Cardano’s future
The pharmaceutical industry and Vechains lifetime partnership. Bullish!
Vechain white label their toolchain kit.
Will Vechain be the defecto for the Vaccine traceability solution.
Who has the most experience with vaccine tracing?
Will Sunny time the market to announce more partnerships when the BTC Bull runs happen?
How much will Uncle Sam take from your cryptocurrency tax and more.
Is 1 million $ Vet enough?
Is 1 BTC enough?
How I wish I had a mentor to guide me with money.
Vechain Price end of 2021.
What will the whales be doing?
The news + bitcoin bull run will be massive
This is how investing a little money into Vechain will make instant trillionaires
Walmart Costco Sams Club in North America
IBM private ledger vs Public ledger.
Does IBM have a public ledger?

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