What is Bitcoin? This is a Beginners Guide. Find out about the pros and cons and if it is worth investing in!

After watching the whole thing, you will know more than 99% of the people about what Bitcoin is.

Bitcoin can be moved at a distance without the need of a third party, without anyone interrogating you, or even worse, blocking the transaction because of the possibility of it being a suspiciously high amount.

It has no counter party risk, it does not require permission from an overseer, it is not centrally planned and controlled, and therefore it is the only money appropriate for free people and for a prosperous society. The Orwellian state cannot ever censor bitcoin.

0:00 Bitcoin Introduction
0:54 What is Money? Problems of Fiat Currency
3:39 The Birth of Bitcoin
5:06 Problems of a Centralised System
5:50 Pros of Bitcoin
6:43 How Does Bitcoin Work?
9:20 Cons of Bitcoin
11:05 Is it Worth Investing in Bitcoin?

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