Xbox Series X Backward Compatibility Has One Depressing Flaw


February 25, 2020 9:43 PM UTC

The Xbox Series X is scoring major points with gamers for its backward compatibility support. But this feature has one depressing flaw.

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  • The Xbox Series X will feature backward compatibility.
  • All four generations of Xbox games will be playable on the new console.
  • That’s awesome. But the feature still has one glaring flaw.

Microsoft finally dropped some juicy details about the Xbox Series X. Along with the news that it packs 12 teraflops in raw power, we got confirmation of backward compatibility.

We know that every generation of Xbox will be playable in some form on the Xbox Series X. While that’s nice and all, it doesn’t change the fact that the original Xbox compatibility list is embarrassingly small.

If Microsoft really wants to woo players away from the PlayStation 5, they need to expand backward compatibility dramatically instead of abandoning it for first-gen titles.

xbox series x backward compatibilityxbox series x backward compatibility
Microsoft shouldn’t ignore the original Xbox when it picks games for its backward compatibility roster. | Source: julie deshaies/

The Xbox Series X Needs More Original Xbox Games

Not too long ago, Microsoft stopped adding games to the Xbox One compatibility list. Developers shifted their efforts to making old games available on the Xbox Series X when it launches.

It’s certainly positive that the next-gen machine will support Xbox One games. But it’s a huge shame that the original Xbox lineup is so empty. There are currently only 32 compatible games, and it’s missing some real classics.

The first Knights of the Old Republic is a glaring omission. As are Project Gotham Racing and MechAssault. Not to mention the hundreds of other great titles collectors still own.

Microsoft Shouldn’t Forget Their Gaming History

As digital-only gaming becomes more prevalent, the question of archiving becomes more important. If gaming is going to develop as an art form, it’s vital to preserve older titles for future generations.

The Xbox Series X is clearly aiming to be a consumer-friendly device. It’s already winning points with the smart delivery system, and backward compatibility is going to be a massive help in that area too.

It’s understandable that Microsoft would be tempted to focus their efforts on more recent titles. But they shouldn’t forget their roots, either.

Maybe they should just release that Xbox emulator fans have been banging on about.

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This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.

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William Worrall @mizushinzui

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