New investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency world are exciting – but can you afford to invest in the first place? In this video, I talk about the advantages of bitcoin and explain how you can buy it – even if you don’t have money of your own.

I believe in bitcoin, and lately I prefer to put extra capital into crypto rather than cash. The advantages of bitcoin are numerous: it’s better for international business, you don’t have to worry about inflation or government regulation, and there’s no middleman taking a cut of your money.

To build wealth, you need to acquire assets that will produce consistent cash flow. But how can you get involved with new investment opportunities like bitcoin without having money to invest?

One way is to leverage resources. For example, let’s say you want to buy a business that uses blockchain technology. To buy the blockchain company, you can borrow money using that company’s other assets as leverage to get the loan.

Another option for raising capital is to create an initial coin offering (ICO). I know someone who raised $300 million to fund a startup idea. Venture capitalists are always happy to invest in new, innovative ideas that will ultimately yield them high ROI.

The advantages of bitcoin extend to everyone – ordinary people can control their own finances and enjoy new investment opportunities that once seemed out of reach. And cryptocurrency is good for humanity – it helps decentralize the financial power of government and promotes global citizenship.

I’d love to know your thoughts on crypto – are you all for it, or more skeptical? Interested in investing but not sure how to get started? Connect with me to learn how I buy bitcoin and businesses:

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