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Bitcoin is a WORLDWIDE digital money or which is not controlled or centralized by any government, bank, location, or corporation.
It has a strict limited supply as there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins forever and ever.
It can easily be transferred digitally around the world with reasonable speed.

Instead of transfer using banks, it’s done using a “blockchain” which is NOT centralized.
#Blockchain is technical to explain, so let’s just imagine it’s millions of independent citizens and their computers around the world working together and policing each other to honestly record transactions between you and me. These citizens also earn Bitcoin by providing this service. #2019

The original creator of Bitcoin, an anonymous person or group named “Satoshi Nakamoto,” does not have control of Bitcoin anymore; but he/it owns around 1 million Bitcoins worth billions of dollars. Today, Bitcoin is controlled by the participants/miners/coders (I like to call them “independent citizens” to denote that they don’t belong to any particular country) of the Bitcoin blockchain, and even YOU can be a Bitcoin miner/coder if you have the technical knowhow and the right equipment.

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