Beijing, China – OceanEx, one of the fastest-growing and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is announcing that the first project on OceanEx GO! is Jur (JUR). Jur is a blockchain-based ecosystem providing revolutionary trust solutions in the legal and justice industry for any business-related circumstances. 

Jur represents an overhaul of current legal solutions that are slow, inefficient and complex(Jur White paper). Jur’s unique set of tools enable anyone to create contracts and resolve disputes online, in a fast, easy, affordable and incorruptible way:

  • Jur Editor, the first product, makes it possible for everyone, even without a prior notion of coding or legal background, to create Smart Legal Contracts to safely manage business legal activities. 
  • With the Open Layer, a crowd-based online dispute resolution backed up by VeChainThor Blockchain, one can resolve any dispute that may arise from a contract at no cost and in the fastest possible way. 
  • Jur’s ecosystem will be also composed of the Court Layer, the first completely digital tribunal with legal validity in more than 150 countries worldwide, and of the Jur Marketplace, an entire, accessible marketplace for legal contracts done by law firms and experts, for the average user.

The Jur team is loaded with expertise thanks to their solid background in legal and other professional fields. They are lead by Alessandro Palombo (Ph.D.), CEO of Jur, who is an expert in legal technology. He was the youngest lawyer permitted to practice in Italy, advisor of the European Observatory on Legal Technologies, and Member of the Scientific Committee of San Marino Innovation.

Other team members include – Diana Wallis, Former Vice President European Parliament; Michel Cannarsa, Dean of Law of Catholic University of Lyon, and Mark Beer OBE, one of the most influential legal tech experts worldwide. Check Jur’s entire team for more information.  

Jur has recently completed a round of funding with VeChain Foundation.

OceanEx GO! will support OCE and VET for token subscription. Simultaneously, OceanEx GO! will provide OCE Club members and VeChainThor X Node users with exclusive benefits during the token subscription. Interested parties should contact [email protected] for more details.

About OceanEx

Launched by BitOcean Global in 2018, OceanEx is an AI-powered digital asset trading platform. The platform is fortified by deploying cutting-edge AI technologies, providing an actively protected and ultra-liquid cryptocurrency trading market, full-fledged quantitative trading capabilities, a rich set of investment tools and products that meet a wide spectrum of investment strategies from all types of investors. 

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