The Global community particularly Africa is facing lots of challenges ranging from global warming to unemployment. Governments and private organizations are working tirelessly to address some of these challenges in so many ways. For these types of challenges to be addressed effectively there is a need to have enough information about various problems at our door step; adequate information about the nature and magnitude of these diverse problems provide a backbone to both public and private organizations to make informed decisions.

In the same vein research is of significant importance to every public and private organizations if they are really committed to address some sophisticated today’s challenges.

Incentive Research Africa(IRA) platform has come up with simple and yet profound solution for individuals, public and private organization from business to social endeavors to get hands on and up to date information in real time from real people who are product and service users. 

How it is done?

Through its online interactive platform provides a round table discussions of a sort whereby specific users in a database are invited to participate in an online interviews where they are asked to answer specific set of questions or fill out online forms providing information or answers for questions which are asked according to the needs of a client. 

The particulars of platform users which are obtained during the registration of users in the platform are used to determine what kind of online surveys/researches and interviews questions will be directed to him/her.

The platform works in conjunction with an inclusive and decentralized payment systems for secure transactions. Digital Wallets are to be integrated on the IRA platform users, service providers, private and public organizations (Clients) 

What is the Incentive? 

The platform uses incentive mechanisms to awards its users whereby users are awarded soon after the completion questionnaire(s)/ survey form(s). This increases sustainable traffic and meet the diverse demands and needs for the clients.

The reward will be given in terms of a cryptocurrency known as Diligence token. This token can be traded in various cryptocurrency markets in the world and get “fiat currency” depending on the users country, for instance Tanzanians can get “Shillings” Malawi “Kwacha” Botswana “Pulla” South Africa “Rand” etc. Also this token can be used as a medium of exchange in various supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels and Night Clubs. That is to say you can have a burger at  MacDonald’s using your Diligence token you have earned in IRA platform which are stored in your Digital Wallet.

Diligence (IRA) Token

Is an ERC20 Token which is a project backed up token. The project is known as IRA (Incentive Research Africa). Diligence (IRA) Token is used to reward the IRA platform users as a “thank you” gesture for their participation in various online researches and surveys. Also Diligence is a cryptocurrency as any other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, so it can be traded (bought and sold) in various cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms such as BITRABBIT, EtherFlyer, DCOIN etc. 

By having Diligence you can sell them and get “fiat currency” depending on your country. Also you can get various service from a number of service providers such as Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels, Night Clubs. Moreover you can get internet and air time bundles through our tailor made service known as Dil-Bundle. Additionally you can convert your Diligence Tokens from your Digital Wallets to “fiat currency” through  tailor made service known as Dil-Pesa through your country service providers, for instance in Tanzania M-Pesa, Tigo-Pesa, Airtel Money, etc.

IRA Platform and Diligence Token Integration

Users register in the platform by providing their basic information such as names, gender, birthdate, occupation, country, state, region, hobbies, etc. After registration users are allowed to login into the IRA platform and participate in various surveys and researches. After completion of all the questions, a user collect his/her Diligence Tokens by confirming the submission. Then, data collected are analyzed by the system and report results to be sent directly to the client.

What is the Technology behind It?

The IRA platform has been made possible by the emergence of cutting edge blockchain  technology that allows gathering of various information such as consumer attitude, preferences and values; consumer behavior and lifestyle changes, customer opinions etc. are easily ascertained with the help of information systems rather than solely relying on conventional market  research techniques and methods.

What Some Early Birds Say?

Some pilot’s clients have attested that IRA will reduce their Market Research budget for about 40%. IRA platform is not just a research platform but a source of income for users hence provides incetive for many “onliners” who flock every day to log in the platform which in turn provides rich and diverse samples for effective Marketing Research campaigns for the clients. 

Through the agreements between IRA and clients the research and survey results are to be obtained with the leas possible involvement (if any) of intermediaries. IRA mission is to make quality Market Researches which are reliable, transparent, accurate, accessible and affordable to everyone.

Diligence Listing Calendar

Diligence Token is due to be listed in various cryptocurrency Exchanges and Platforms in the World. This will give Diligence owners (IRA platform users and Diligence buyers) different trading options and convenience. 

DCoin Exchange

Diligence (IRA) will be listed in 13th – 14th August, 2019

Bitrabbit Exchange

Diligence (IRA) will be listed in 19th – 20th August, 2019

EtherFlyer  Excchange

Diligence (IRA) will be listed in 25th – 26th August, 2019 

P2Pb2b   Exchange 

Diligence (IRA) will be listed in September, 2019

Make IRA Grow in Africa

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