Star Cities, Forts & Tartarian Frequencies; A Unified World Hidden

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Wiki list (?) of Baston Forts:
Largest Star City, China:

Star Cities, Forts & Tartarian Frequencies; A Unified World Hidden
In this week’s episode we take a look at Star Cities rather than forts.

It may surprise some of you to know that many of our most famous cities started life as star-cities and not what you see today.
I map, (literally) the historical references and superimpose them onto modern maps so you can see just how huge these colossal structures were.

The amount of manpower taken to build these start cities across the world came at a time when most of Europe was still recovering from the millions of people who died of the black plague and yet had time and resources to build these massive structures.

From Japan, China, Eurasia, and America these cities were the pinnacle of a previous unified world civilization which has now been all but forgotten.

We take a look at other aspects and postulate the idea they were in harmony with nature in addition to being a defensive structure. The oscillating frequencies which create similar shapes mimic these start cities and forts across the world.

And as always I have added a few smiles to keep the children entertained while learning about our true past. I hope you find this episode of interest and please remember to share, like and if not already subscribe for more interesting episode on a weekly basis.

Until next time…

Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious.

See you on the other side…

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