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The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is starting to get involved in crypto mining. On Monday, the organization disclosed to the public that it created a website which means users can now engage in crypto mining for charity. There’s a catch, though. This mining will only be possible with help of supporters’ computer processing power.

UNICEF: Crypto Mining for Charity – How Will it Work? 

UNICEF has been trying to use innovative technology to raise awareness about humanitarian problems for years. Now, with the popularity of the crypto sector, the organization may have finally found a way to do that. The website – deemed “The Hope Page” – allows Australians to choose how much processing power they would like to contribute to the crypto mining process. The idea is that the longer an individual stays on “The Hope Page”, the more crypto gets mined. Note that donations will be going to UNICEF Australia, which means “The Hope Page” is only available to Australians. 

Cryptocurrency that does get mined will be turned into fiat currency, donated to UNICEF Australia. The money will help children around the globe struggling with a lack of life-saving supplies. For instance, the money will go towards getting these children things like vaccines, food, and clean drinking water. If you live in Australia, are interested in donating, but fear crypto mining on your computer, note that UNICEF says it is perfectly safe. 

The UNICEF x Crypto Mining Takeaway

Most people seem to be excited about the announcement. One crypto analyst even wrote that it is cool to see an organization such as UNICEF embrace blockchain. 

Meanwhile, not everyone agrees with Mr. Pompliano. One Twitter user sarcastically wrote back to the analyst that UNICEF is a “great, trustworthy company” to give electricity too. The tweet was in a sarcastic tone, attaching a recent article from The Guardian titled ‘Unicef Deputy Quits After Inappropriate Behaviour Claims.’

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Despite the recent scandal surrounding Justin Forsyth, UNICEF creating a website that mines crypto is pretty huge, and it’s not something that should be discarded easily. After all, there are numerous problems surrounding crypto mining. In fact, this is one of the first positive announcements to come out about crypto mining in a while. In February, Iceland expressed a fear that crypto mining will leave the Nordic nation without power. Meanwhile, in March, Hydro-Quebec announced that, due to demand surpassing supply, the province will not be accepting any new crypto mining projects. Last but not least, earlier this month, Mason County disclosed that it will also be stopping crypto mining projects. 

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